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Designer of the Month
Wattie Wicks

All WattieWicks Candles are made with a natural sustainable wax, a blend of Rapeseed oil and beeswax. The wicks are coreless, and the fragrance is cosmetic grade, and contains essential oils.

When burning a WattieWicks Candle, firstly ensure that the first burn is for at least an hour. The wax may stick to the side of the glass, but as you burn it, and the glass heats up, this will melt into the candle. The burn is really clean, and the glass should not scorch; but keep the wick trimmed, and don't burn the candle for more than 3 hours at a time.

The candles are 200g of wax and fragrance, and the burn time is about 40 hours.



All my candles are made with a sustainable organic, renewable wax made of Rapeseed Oil and Beeswax, all sourced in the UK and EU. The wicks are made of cotton, and are coreless, and the fragrances are all cosmetic grade, which contain essential oils. The burn of this wax is very clean, and very slow, ensuring a lasting, clean fragrance experience. Everything is done by hand, not just the candle making, but the labelling and the glass printing.



All my reed diffusers are no packaging,so no more throwing away a pretty box and packaging, and come in a variety of lovely fragrances. Each diffuser is 100ml, in a 150ml bottle. The gap at the top of the bottle reduces unwanted evaporation, and also reduces the risk of spillage when the reeds are inserted. Each diffuser comes with 7x 5ml reeds, which maximise the diffusion rate of the diffuser.  The reeds are longer, to balance the longer bottle, and they are natural in colour, and made of fibre, not wood, so they need less turning.  And I sell refills, so even less waste.

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